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Hy, my name's Laia and now I'm going to talk about my summer holidays.

-First I'm going to talk about l'Estartit.
-Second I'm going to talk about my stage for a week in Palamos with my friend Laia Gan.
-Third I'm going to talk about my holidays in Mikonos.

Let's start!

Last summer I spent a long time in l'Estartit, it's my favourite place. The firsts days we were in a summercamp with children and this year it was for three weeks.
After this two friends from Brussels came, Victor and Joséphine. I sepnt a long time with them. The girl rides a horse and she rode all the time with me and the boy, Victor, who doesn't ride a horse but he love to spend all day with us in the hipica.
And in the end it was hard to say goodbye because we spent a lot of time together. The next summer they will come again.

In the middle of August, I went with my friend Laia Gan and her family in Palamós for one week because they are from Barcelona. Laia is a really good friend and she's fourteen years old.
In the morning we sometimes went to the beach, in the swimming pool...always with Oliver, the Laia's friend, he's seventeen years.
The parents of Laia are separated and she normally studies in Torroella de Montgrí with her mother. But this year for personal reasons, Laia has to go to Barcelona with her father and her mother too, and was hard again to say goodbye because this year I won't see her often.

The last week of August I went with my father, my father's wife and my sister to Mikonos in Greece for a one week. We were in hotel called Mikonian Imperial and it was really really nice! The first day we arrived at 10 o'clock in the night. The first day in Mikonos was beautiful. It's a very small island but the people are friendly, generous and cozy.
The other days were perfect, one day there was a gay party, and there were a lot of gays everywhere.
Indeed, Mikonos is the gay's paradise.

We came back to Banyoles on Saturday and after this I started the school.

Any questions?

Thanks for your attention!




1. London - 3 days
2. Fishing with Enric and his uncle
3. Bordeaux
4. Prepared for school

1. Camp Nashoba North
2. Pals with her friends
3. Banyoles - Barcelona

1. Banyoles: swimming pool, shopping...
2. Escala with friends and family 
3. Cruise with her parents

1. Escala: with Judith and friends
2. Tossa with Laura
3.  Stage in Camp 4 days with friends
4. Pals with Blanca in Blanca's home
5. Conclusions: great summer for her 

1. Camping
2. Campas with Núria
3. Granada with family 
4. Ibiza with "esbar dansaire"

Mireia F.:
1. Banyoles with friens, party, shopping...
2. Estartit: appartment in l'Estartit, the best days of the summer
3. Return to Banyoles

Marta T.: 
1. Sardenya
2. Barcelona with parents and cousins
3. Return to Banyoles, prepare for school 

Marta O.:
1. 10 days in Alicant with parents and brother
2. 4 days in Copenhaguen with uncles, parents and brother
3. REturn to Banyoles / 1 day in Portaventura

1. France: European Dressage Championship
2. Oviedo: Spanish Championship: she felt of the horse
3. Banyoles

1. Platja d'Aaro
2. Saint-Lo Normandy: Spanish selection horseball
3. Prepare for school

1. Banyoles - moorning with friends - afternoon: tennis - flat on Barcelona with her sistes
2. Switzerland with family for 2 weeks
3. Banyoles - new school year

Bernat Díaz:
1. Banyoles with belgium friends
2. Banyoles with friends of Catalonia in "la Pesquera": fishing
3. Platja d'Aaro with Simon and his friend Aleix Banal (with Pau Guilana)

Núria Ros:
1. Campaments Foc '13 with Esther
2. Platja d'Aro with Laia Casals
3. Banyoles with family and friends

Mireia Noguer: 
1.Irland - Dublín for 3 days
2. England with Carla Tortós and other people from Barcelona
3. Platja d'Aro 1 month with parents

Pau Guilana:
1. Glouster with Gerard and Laura
2. Platja d'Aro
3. Futbol: First was difficult because he didn't run in the summer.

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