dilluns, 18 de novembre de 2013



If you like the Balck Eyed Peas and Michael Jackso, or the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, you might like Lmfao. 
The group say they have been influenced by many different styles of music, from rap and hip hop to rock. The result is a new style of music: "party rock". The album Sorry For Party Rocking, with the single "Party Rock Anthem", is a big hit and now Lmfao are working on a Party Rock clothing line. Do you like party rock? 

English singer Jessie J has had a great few months. Her debut album, Who Are You, has been a big hit. It has the singles "Do It Like a Dude", "Prince Tag" and "Nobody's Perfect". Jessie, age 23, sings pop, soul and R&B, but she became famous as a songwriter for Miley Cyrus! 

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