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1. When is Halloween celebrated? And why?

Is it celebrated in 31st. Because that is the day the Celts believed that the boundaries from dead and the undead was the thinnest and when the spirits could come ino the living world.

2. What does "Halloween" mean? 

A contraction is a shortened version of All Hallows Eve, i.e., the evening before All Hallows Day, wich is always November 1.

3. How the people celebrated? 

- Watching a horror film.
-Set jack o' lanterns in you windows
-Load up on candy
-Decorate your house in the spirit of Halloween
-Have a halloween preparty 
-Welcome in the tricks or treaters
-Buy a new costume each year
-Carve a pumpkin.

4. Where is it celebrated? Germany, Asia, Australia, Central and South America, Europe, North America and the Caribbean, Saint Helena. 

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