dilluns, 24 de febrer de 2014


Hi, Judit

I'm just writing to check that everything's OK for your visit.

I think you'll like Barcelona. On Sunday morning, we're doing a bus tour with my grandparents because they really want to show you the city. We'll be free in the afternoon, so we'll probably meet some of my friends, and we could either walk around the town or go to a museum. It's up to you. I expect we'll end up in one of the cafés in the shopping centre.

On Monday, we could get a bus or train somewhere. There are some typical Catalan villages around here, like Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Roca del Vallès. We can do a lot of things there. I'll get some photos and you can have a look.

We're going to meet you at the Flaça's station tomorrow, so can you remind me what time does your train get in?

Looking foward to seeing you.

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