dilluns, 26 de maig de 2014


All started a few months ago, in winter. I met my best friend Laia for to go for a walk arround the lake. Before that, I bought four chocolate donuts, so I gave two to Laia. When we were very full up, we started to talk about everything and we had a lot of fun. All the way around the lake we were laughing about stupid things.
Everything changed for us when we saw a dog.
Laia said to me: “Don't say anything to this big dog, please!”
But what I did was the opposite, I shouted its name.

Suddently, the dog started walking to us. Then, Laia quickly went behind me because she was frightened.
I stroked the dog and it was to be a girl! She was very friendly and sweet, but she had got lost.
We called the dog “Wiwi” and we decided to bring her to the vet. There, we explained all the story to the doctor and then he said that Wiwi was a young breed dog.
After that, he looked if Wiwi had a “xip” and she had one in her neck!
Finally, the vet did a phone call to the kennel because in there they could contact with the owners of lost dogs. So the doctor said to us that in a few hours Wiwi would be with her family again.
This is the happy ending about our dog.

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