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Based on Meg Rosoff's best selling teen novel, How I Live Now is the story of American teenager Daisy, who comes to visit her British cousins just as World War Three starts in Europe. She has a chance to return to the US but she stays because she's fallen in love with her cousin Eddie. The film starts with a bucolic idyll as an angry Daisy friends happiness in the British countryside with her cousins. But when war erupts they are forcibly evacuated: the boys to a military training camp, the girls to work farm. Daisy escapes with her much younger cousin, Piper, and they try to walk home across a dangerous, anarchic Britain.
Despite the horrors around them, Daisy's only thought seems to be of finding Eddie. This givesthe film a stragely egocentric angle. But it has a realism thaht is missing from all the other teen dystopias out there, and so it is worth a look. 

Out: March 12
Director: Kevin Macdonald 
Stars: Saoirse Ronan, George Mackay
Story: a girl searches for the boy she loves in war-torn Britain. 

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