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Britain's favourite family, the Beckhams, are now in Paris.
David and Victoria are famous for sport, music and fashion, but their kids have talents too. Here is their story...

Britain loves David Beckham. 
He is a famous football player who has played for the world's biggest clubs including Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan and now Paris Saint Germain. He also played for his country, England, for a record 115 games and scored 17 times. David is married to Victoria  Beckham who was a singer in the successful girl group from 1990s: the Spice Girls. 
Her nickname was Posh Spice!

Everyone watched when David and Victoria got married in 1999. The wedding was in a caste in Ireland and was inspired by fairytales. The couple had thrones, just like a king and queen, and they sold the photos for one million pounds.

Children are precious in the Beckham family. Victoria had the couple's first child, Brooklyn in 1999. They have had two more sons, Romeo, age 11, and Cruz, age 8, and also a daughter, Harpere Seven, who was born in 2011.

King and Queen of style are what the press call David and Victoria Beckham. In 2008, David became a top model for an Italian label, and has made lots of adverts...often in his underpants! Victoria has become a big name in fashion too: stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron love her creations and wore her dresses at the Oscars. 

Hollywood has been home for the Beckham family since 2007. David went to play for the club LA Galaxy and when they arrived, they became friends with stars like Tom Cruise. Now they have 16 million euro house in an exclusive are of Beverly Hills. The couple's estimated fortun is 220 million euros! 

Ambassador for Unicef is one of David's jobs. He and Victoria work with AIDS charities and support children in Africa. When David moved to Paris Sain Germain in 2013, he decided to give all of his wages to a children's charity. 

Mum and dad are great exemples for Beckham children. This yeatr Romeo became a model for a big British fashion label. Brooklyn also had a trial for the youth team at Chelsea football club. So the question is, will the new generation of Beckhams be famous for sport or fashion? If they have their parents' talents, they can do it all! 

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