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·Firstly, in my opinion, internet addiction is a problem. I agree with HeyGazza! and I disagree with Mygirl_Ruby and Marky002, because I think internet is a dangerous and important addiction, people who have this problem can do a lot od things that are dangerous.

·In addiction, people can think that her virtual life is real and can forget real life and the people who live there, and not care about friends, family...
This people can have a lot of problems in her REAL lives, with their relationships, friends, family...

·I have a friend that have this problem with internet and she spent the worst days of her life. At the begining she didn't know that she had this problem, but 2 or 3 weeks later her family discovered that she had this addiction because she didn't go anywhere at any places, she didn't go times with friends, she didn't study...only connected to internet all days.
Now she is doing a therapy and she is almost healed.

·Finally, in my point of view, the internet is an addiction and it is very dangerous, people who have this addiction must go to the specialists and they do a therapy.

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