divendres, 23 de novembre de 2012


WHAT ARE MY DREAMS? (Present Simple, Present Continuos, Past Simple and Past Continuos)

I have three dreams: Moved to l'Estartit and got up every day watching the sea
go to the Riding Olympics games and being a good lawyer.

Three years ago I was riding in the hipica of l'Estartit and I stin do it. I love l'Estartit, it's my favourite place. When I go to l'Estartit, I love walking to the beach, riding my horse, etc. I have a lot of friends there, and I talk to them every day. Everyone goes to Sant Gabriel School and when I go there I will go.

It's very difficult to go to Olympic games but I can do it. I must have a good horse ready to go and then I must train a lot, a lot of hours with this horse, going to compete in a many differents places because the people know who you are and then, after many years, maybe we can do it.

Since I was little, I wanted be a famous lawyer. My plan is to go to a good University to study, then go to America or somewhere where they speak English for practise. After having many clients so they can talk about my services. And slowly, everyone will know who I am.

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