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Hy, my name's Laia and know I'm going to talk about my summer holidays. First I'm going to talk about my summer camp in my hipica with a little boys. Second I'm going to talk about my stage in CAVA (Sant Martí Vell). And finally I'm going to talk about 5 days in Santa Cristina with my family and my friends.
I'm going to start.

I stayed in l'Estartit all the time. The first 2 weeks we did a summer camp for a childrens because I did the practices for the titol of premonitor. T
he first week was horrible because it was a lot of children and they knew nothing about horses. We did games with and without horses, the summercamp was only in the morining. At about 9 o'clock we did classes and prepared horses and after that we did games. And this for two weeks.

When the summercamp was finished my friends: Marina, Judith and me prepared the stage in CAVA (Sant Martí Vell), we brought the horses there for one week and in the end of this week we did a night competition. My friends and me stayed in my grandparent's house because they lived in Juia and Juia was next to Sant Marti Vell. We did a special summercamp with an other persons, we did 2 classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We did a 1 the oretical class and in the noon we lunch, we went to the swimming pool and went we came back we ate something and went to did a class. In the end of the week we did a competition in the night, came my pathers, my grandparents, my friends of l'Estartit...and the familys of my friends.

And finally went we came back of l'Estartit, we (my family and I) spent 5 days in Santa Crsitina with my friends. My friends have a 2 childrens, the boy was the same age of my sister and the girl was the same age of me. In the morning sometimes we did a little excursion in the mountain. We have lunch in his house and in the afternoon sometimes went to Palamós, Palafurgell...

Any question?

Thanks for your attention:) 


Presentation: Did you use any resources? Yes, I used some resources. 
                       Where the resources relevant and attractive? Yes, someone.
                       Did you show/talk about the photos to the audience? I showed the photos but 
                       I didn't talk much about them.
Body language and eye contact: Did you look at your audience most of the time? Yes, I did.
                                                        Did you read from your notes? Yes, I did a little. 
                                                        Did you do any gestures/movement to hold the attention of
                                                        your audience?  Yes, with my hands. 
Structure: Did you organize your ideas in order of important? No much. 
                 Did you use the discourse markers to make your ideas more clean?  Yes, I did.
                Wich ones? First, second, finally...

Content: Did you introduce interessting information to your audience? Not much. 
               Did you look up information/facts/ideas in the internet/books...? No, I did not. I did 
               all I remember about that.      
               Was your information more superficial or more detailed and original? It was quite 
               detailet and original.

Language: Did you check your grammar? Yes I did, but sometimes I did not remember how to 
                   say it. 
                   Did you use rich/new vocabulary looking up the dictionary? Yes I did. Wich 
                   ones?  Theorical, brought, "the same age"....
                   Did you use sentences linkers? Yes, I did. 
                   Did you use fillers? Yes, I did. 

Pronunciation & Information: Did you know how to pronunce all your words? Yes but I some-
                                                 times not. 
                                                 Did you check the pronounciation with a dictionary, a classmate
                                                 or the teacher? No, I did everything myself.
                                                 Did you change your tone of voice or use a monotone all the 
                                                 time? Yes, I did. 
                                                 Did you speed in a fluid continuum or with breaks and interrup-
                                                 tions? I speed in a fluid continuum but in two time with a littles

Self-Avaluation: You are your teacher! What mark did you get?;)     7


Marta Oliver: First she went to Poole, second she went to Italy (Roma) for 4 days and finally 
                        she went to Tossa with Paula in Laura's house.

Blanca Lleal: First she went to Camp Nashoba North, second she went to Perú and finally 
                        she went to Pals. 

Mireia Feliu: First she went to l'Albera for one week, second she went to l'Estartit for 3 
                       weeks and finally she came back to Banyoles for prepared to school. 

Jordi Brunsó: First he went to England, second he went to Hamburg and finally he came 
                        back to Banyoles for prepared to shool.

Bernat Díaz: First he went to Can Toni summer camp, second he went to England (Princess 
                       Helena College, he went to Platja d'Aro and finally he came bag to Banyoles. 

Mònica Nogué: First she went to Bournemouth, second she went to stage in camp and 
                            finally she came bag to Banyoles.  

Marta Teixidor: First she went to Valencia, second she went to Platja d'Aro and finally she 
                           came bag to Banyoles.

Núria Ros: First she went to Poole, second she went to Pamplona, she went to Vituria and 
                    finally she went to Zaragoza.

Mireia Noguer: First she went to Bournemouth, second she went to Platja d'Aro and finally sh
                           came bag to Banyoles-Mieres. 

Pau Guilana: First he went to Plymouth, second she went to Platja d'Aro and finally he started 
                        the Football season (GIRONA).

Enric Planas: First he went to Sitges second he went to Eslovènia for a 1 month.

Elena Moncayola: First she went to Poole, second she went with a Cruise and finally she 
                                 came bag to Banyoles.  

Carlota Pérez: First she went to Turquia (was the best part of the summer), second she went to 
                          Cadaqués and finally she did a conclusion (party in her house).

Esther Sabé: First she went in a Camping, second she went to l'Albera and finally she went to 


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